Sugar River Trail


New Glarus






M&M Cafe - Monticello

Sugar River Pizza - Belleville and New Glarus

Glander Stube - New Glarus

Kenney's Ice Cream and Grill -New Glarus

New Glarus Bakery

The New Glarus Primrose Winery

The Station - Belleville & Monticello

Chalet Landhaus -New Glarus

New Glarus Hotel


Bicycle Store

Stonehall Bicycle - Monroe


Edelweiss Creamery - Monticello

Green County Cheese Factories

Tubing and Canoeing

S & B Tubing, Canoeing, and Kayaking - Albany

Sweet Minihaha - Albany


Sweet Minihaha Campground - Albany

New Glarus State Park Camping

Green Co. Forestry Educational Center Inc.

Quilters General Store

Patches and Petals - Belleville


ARGUE-ment Golf Course - Belleville


Gasthaus Motel - Monroe

Gasthaus / Swiss-Aire Bike Flyer

Swiss-Aire Motel - New Glarus

Cameo Rose Victorian Country Inn B&B - Belleville

Chalet Landhaus - New Glarus

Little Sugar River Farm - Albany

Gas / Convenience Stores

Francois Oil Co. - Belleville and Monticello


Sugar River Trail

The trail extends from New Glarus to Brodhead with the villages of Monticello and Albany located between allowing for refreshing stops on the trail. When the trail bed was orginally designed by the railroad, it went around the hills making many large curves on the trail which makes this trail one of the most popular trails in the state. The Sugar River State Trail opened in the mid 70's as the second state trail in Wisconsin. Vegetation has grown to provide shade on the trail in the past 40+years making for a very enjoyable ride or hike.

The northern most point of the trail is New Glarus. The village of New Glarus is proud of its Swiss architure. It hosts many tourist festivals and attractions including shops, lodging and restaurants. One favorite is Sugar River Pizza located on the trail. Another highlight for many is a tour of the New Glarus Brewery, home of "Spotted Cow." Going south on the trail, the next stop is Monticello which is loved by bikers and hikers who love to stop for pie at the M&M or burgers at A&W. Going south, the Albany wildlife area is the most scenic part of the trail. At Albany food is available and is known for tubing on the Sugar River. The southern most point of the trail is Brodhead. The trailhead for Brodhead is at the end of the historical downtown. Food and beverage available downtown.


Local Tourism

Be sure to try some of the many chesses and beers made right here in Green County. Go to village links at the top of this page for information about each village on the trail.

All villages along the trail have restaurants, DNR bathrooms and picnic areas. The Badger State Bike Trail and the Sugar River State Trail cross just south of Monticello (about 3 blocks south of the DNR parking lot).

June on the Sugar River Trail

Ice Age Trail

Hikers please take note that you are welcome to all parts of the Sugar River Trail and as a highlight of your hike be aware that part of the Sugar River Trail is also part of the Ice Age Trail. For more details check out Ice Age Trail.

Monticello Depot

Badger Trail

If you are an avid snowmobile or bike rider or hiker you should consider also exploring the Badger State Trail which insects the Sugar River Trail just south of Monticello (about 3 blocks south of the DNR parking lot).

cranes in wildlife area

Information Links

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Albany Chamber


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Badger Trail (the trail with tunnel)




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